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RSU 25 Adult and Community Education

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Behavior Health Professional Certification Training


with Woodfords Family Services

Calendar Oct 1, 2020

Our community is looking for individuals who want to make a difference in a child's life.  Children's Behavioral Health Services are vital to Maine's children with Intellectual Disabilities, Autism and Mental Health Disorders and their families.  And the need in our area is great!  As an integral part of the child's treatment team, a Certified Behavioral Health Professional (BHP) has the opportunity to make an immediate impact while helping a child grow and develop to their full potential.  We are excited to connect our community with Woodfords Family Service for this wonderful ONLINE training program.  The online training will equip you to successfully help children who are currently on a wait list for services.  The training will prepare you for employment through local social services agencies.  The program can be started at any time and finished at your own pace.  You will complete 12 online modules then two 4-hour live sessions.  Once the modules are completed, you will receive free online blood borne pathogen training and virtual First Aid & CPR training if you do not already possess those certifications.  The entire training requirements will take about 45 hours.  Any individual who will be 18 years of age or older upon completion of the course and have your high school diploma may register.  See Blended Learning Curriculum at Woodfords Family Service for more information.  You must complete a CASAS assessment.

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Fostering Online Discussion


with Mary Dereshiwsky

Calendar Nov 2, 2020

Being engaged with your online learners throughout the course is one of the three biggest weaknesses of online teachers.  It is also one of the three biggest ways to take your online course to the next level, making it a superior learning experience for your learners.  Come experience how to do it from the creator of the concept and practice of 'continual engagement' in teaching.  Discover how to build student success through your interaction, how to give online learners feedback, communicating with them about everything from subject matter to delicate issues to grading.  You will come away with advanced, practical, how-to tips from one of the foremost authorities on fostering online discussion.  And you will see how your instructor models great interaction and engagement in the online environment.

Generational Learning Styles


with Kassia Dellabough

Calendar Nov 2, 2020

Regardless of your age, it is always helpful to increase your understanding of how your current students learn and what your future students might need because students learn in a variety of ways.  This course will focus on the influence of generational characteristics on learning styles.  Your students learn differently than your do.  Come find out how to help your students learn more and discover something new about yourself too!  We will explore fascinating information on the brain and how each generation has responded to their unique "cohort experience"  You will acquire the skills and information needed to facilitate Gen Y and the emerging generation of learners.  Understand how your own gernerational characteristics impact your learning AND your teaching.  Come away with our top 20 generational techniques for helping your students learn more.

Integrating Social Media in Your Organization


with Jennifer Selke

Calendar Nov 2, 2020

Take away a practical strategy and techniques for implementing a social strategy for your organization or business.  Learn the top five considerations when starting a social network as well as tips to manage an online community.  Discover how to create your own private social network using the Ning platform.  Discuss the top tools to use to manage your social media life and build integration into your website.  See how Google Docs and Calendars work and how to use online video to further your business goals.  Hear about mobile check-in applications and how companies are using coupon and deal sites.  Get your company listed properly on local search engines so more customers can find you.  Discuss how web design has changed and get feedback on your website while discovering usability testing and user interface design.  Finally, learn how to manage this influx of information created by the new media revolution.  Develop a manageable workflow and get productivity tips to be more efficient.  Learn what you might be doing wrong in social media as well as essential policies to have in place for your employees and company.  See what trends are on the horizon and where your goals fit with those new trends.

Managing Generations in the Workplace


with Kassia Dellabough

Calendar Nov 2, 2020

Get an understanding of managing workers in different generations in the workplace.  Discover waht motivates each generation at work, what incentives they respond to, and what messages they value.  Generations X and Y are signigicantly different than the Boomer generation.  Each generation has different expectations and styles of work in the workplace.  Come explore the characteristics of the different generations in the workplace.  Discover the current motivations of Boomers, GenXers and GenYers and what messages they value.  Then Identify practical, how-to-tips and techniques for managing Boomers, GenXers, and GenYers in the workplace.

Online Advertising


with Dan Belhassen

Calendar Nov 2, 2020

Get the keys to making online advertising work for you and your organization.  See how pay-per-click advertising with Google AdWords works.  Find out how to test low budget Adword campaigns.  Learn how you can target local audiences.  Then discover Facebook advertising and how you can determine the demographics and even numbers of people you want to reach.  No experience necessary, but if you are at an advanced level, your instructor is an online ad expert and can answer your toughest questions as well.

Using Personality Profiles for Better Work Performance


with Sally Klauss

Calendar Nov 2, 2020

Understanding yourself and others will increase your overall effectiveness at work, home, and in all of you relationships.  Learn how to improve your communication with others, convey your ideas effectively, and improve your ability to understand what is important to those who don't share your same style.  Course fee includes your own DiSC Behavioral Personality Profile assessment and review.

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