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RSU 25 Adult and Community Education

Our Classes

Accuplacer Prep


with Christina Earley

Calendar Sep 1, 2017 at 9 am

Are you planning to go to college and need to take the Accuplacer placement test?  Do you need some help preparing?  We can help you get the scores you need.  You will learn test taking tips and get lots of practice with every facet of the test requirements in class and online.

Adult Transitions


with Christina Earley

Calendar Sep 1, 2017 at 9 am

Do you want or need to take a course, whether for personal use or to enter college?  Any high school courses can be taken as credit or non-credit (your choice).  Up to 50 hours of instruction.

Algebra I


with Benjamin Curtis

Calendar Sep 1, 2017 at 9 am

Algebra I is intended for students who need an Algebra credit for a diploma or college requirement.  Topics include interpreting and writing expressions, polynomials, rational expressions, radicals, exponents, equations, inequalities, coordinate plane, and quadratic equations.  This is a blended course, including traditional class room instruction, online couse work, and independent work.  Pre-requisite Assessments: CASAS, pre-algebra, basic computer skills (call to schedule).


Biology with Lab - Blended Learning


with Christina Earley

Calendar Sep 1, 2017 at 9 am

This is a blended learning class which combines online and onsite assignments.  Students will learn about the designs and patterns of living organisms and their interactions with the environment.  Upon completion of this course students will be able to describe cells, their different parts, and the function of a cell, discuss different parts of a plant, describe and explain the function of each system in the human body, and understand the impact man has on the environment.  Students must complete screening and orientation before beginning the class.

Birch Bark Ornaments


with Sandi Cirillo

Calendar Dec 1, 2017 at 5 pm

This workshop will offer students the opportunity to create up to four holiday ornaments using birch bark provided by the instructor. You'll learn ways to cut & fold the birch bark to make your own holiday gift tape. Students are encouraged to bring in any dried flowers or other materials to embellish their creations. Materials fee: $3 (payable to the instructor at the beginning of class). 1 Session.


Business Coaching Certificate


with Sherri Restauri

Calendar Sep 5, 2017

Mentoring and coaching have come to be used more frequently in organizations to improve leadership competencies.  It has benefits for the employer and employee.  The knowledge you gather will change the way you see yourself in the workplace.  Through this knowledge, you can find helpful strategies to navigate through work and life.  Additionally, in this course you will develop skills in the development, implementation, and support of coaching and mentoring programs in your workplace.  Critical analysis and improvement of your programs alongside group dynamics and innovative strategies will also be examined in terms of coaching and mentoring programs.  This course offers the much-awaited toolkit you have been searching for to improve your employees' performance and create the working environment that your employees will find truly rewarding.


Business Research Certificate


with Mary Dereshiwsky

Calendar Sep 5, 2017

Discover the specific knowledge needed to succeed in researching and utilizing the best and most appropriate data for decision making for your work organization.  Get the skills needed to effectively communicate research results to a specific audience for maximum impact and effective decision making.  For business professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone who needs specific information about a business; or who is in business and needs specific information about a particular topic such as market potential, competitive intelligence, standard industry practice, productivity improvement, etc.  This course will give you the specific knowledge you need to succeed in yoru research quest.

Cafe Internacional


with Jennifer Norwood

Calendar Nov 4, 2017 at 9 am

¿Quiere Ud. Hablar en español? ¿Le gusta comida? Do you want to speak in Spanish? Do you enjoy food? Come join our international café – in Spanish! This facilitated, monthly get-together will include creating authentic snacks from Spanish-speaking countries while we lightly converse in Spanish. This activity is designed for adults who want to cultivate their skills and meet new people who enjoy friendly conversation and good food. Once a month we will get together as a group and make a little something to munch on. Afterwards, we will sit and enjoy our creations and chat in Spanish. Whether you’re a beginner or haven’t practiced in ages, come join us for this community event. 1 Session.


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